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Approach to the patient with Dysphagia

🤔 MEDIUM Try this quiz on causes of dysphagia! Reviewed by: awaiting review

Clinical Skills – Introduction to the Abdominal Examination

🤔 MEDIUM In collaboration with the Warwick Medical School's very own Clinical Skills Society, MedGuide proudly presents the first OSCE-like quiz.  Best of luck! Reviewed by: awaiting review Introduce, explain and consent a patient to undergo a full abdominal...

Approach to the patient with Pleuritic Chest Pain

🤔 MEDIUM Pleuritic chest pain is a very common presentation to both GP and A&E test if you know your pneumonias from your pulmonary embolisms!  Reviewed by: awaiting review

Cerebellum Part Two of Two

🥵 HARD   Awaiting review • The cerebellar peduncles • Cerebroolivocerebellar pathway, cerberoreticulocerebellar pathways • Cerebellar afferents from the vestibular nerve • Globose-embeliform-rubro pathway • Functions of the archi/paleo/neocerebellum • Origins,...

Approach to the patient with sore throat

😀 EASY The days are drawing in which means sore throat season is upon us, gather the cold and flu remedies and test yourself on this set of questions!  Reviewed by: awaiting review

Approach to the Patient with Shock – Part One of Two

🥵 HARD Shock is about as scary as it is common.   There are several different types and so here at MedGuide we have written two sets of questions to quiz you on the presentation and schema of shock.  Good luck. Second Author: Daniel Mercer Reviewed by: awaiting review...

Approach to the patient with ear pain

🤔 MEDIUM Otalgia, or ear pain, is a very common presentation in general practice. Test yourself on a range of causes with this quiz!  Reviewed by: awaiting review

Approach to the Patient with Chronic Memory Loss, Confusion and Dementia

🤔 MEDIUM This question is the first in a two-parter, on chronic confusion and memory loss. It contains ONE patient only.  All I can say, by way of a not-too-subtle clue, is: "ITS A TRAP!"Reviewed by: awaiting review[mtouchquiz id=168 alerts=off singlepage=on...

Breastfeeding and weaning

😀 EASY Here are 10 quick questions on breastfeeding and weaning. I hope you enjoy them!Reviewed by: awaiting review

Physiology of the Large Intestine MCQ

😀 EASY Test your knowledge of some basic facts about the large intestine, plus one or two trickier questions...Reviewed by Lena Berger and Jonathan Loomes-Vrdoljak