We are MedGuide, a UK-based organisation committed to the best of medical education resources for all those who want it.  From Warwick Medical School, here are our current array of projects. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the details below for more information, or to collaborate. 


Build the product you want to see in the world.  

That’s the mission. 

MedGuide is a collaboration of those channeling a passion for medicine and peer-support.   A love of labour, we hope to ever-improve and make a powerful education resource.  

We distil the core anatomy and physiology into the relevant medical pathology.   We do this in bitesize amounts to aid in retention and recall, across an incredibly diverse array of categories.

Both a tool of questioning and answers, MedGuide is a barometer to ensure your revision is hitting the appropriate level.  Of course, it is not the only resource you should use – variety is the spice of life – but we hope it is one that is accessible, enjoyable and useful at every stage of your university learning.



MedBook is a Physiology Workbook featuring three sections:  Basic Science, Clinical Correlates and SAQ section.  It hits the learning outcomes the GMC requires for each theme.

Although designed with the Warwick Medical School preclinical year in mind, the actual content is useful to all students of medical sciences.   From med students, nurses, PAs to occupational therapists. 

It is an attempt to standardise a diverse set of lectures into manageable chunks that are quality-assured. 


MedBank is a large, ever growing, peer-reviewed set of preclinical and clinical questions.  

Each MedBank module is led by a “Theme Lead”, who has a keen specialist interest in the subject. 

These people go above-board to quality assure the stems of others, as well as writing insightful, useful and interesting stems of their own.  We are very proud of our contributors, and hope to work with them – and many more – for years to come.  

Anyone can contribute a question to the MedBank.  But every question is quality assured by the given theme lead for its topic before being posted.  This process ensures accuracy and maximises utility of the resource for users.


The Pod is a modern forum for discussion, debate and interview.

We explore presenting complaints, formulate differential and management plans rooting out common pathologies.  

At its core, the Pod is a light-hearted discussion with some brilliant people, yielding high quality content for the trainee doctor.

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