Medguide clinical medicine questions

The transition from preclinical, to clinical medicine, can feel scary.  You go from structure, and definitive answers, to the murky world of complex patient presentations.  Below, MedGuide has compiled a set of presentations for you to try out … see if you can figure your way through these cases.  Enjoy! 

Acute Abdomen 2

🤔 MEDIUM A set of questions about the diagnosis and management of patients presenting with acute abdomen.Reviewed by: awaiting review

Blood Pressure, Vital Signs and BMI

😀 EASY  Warwick Medical School's Clinical Skills Society had a session on recording blood pressure, vital signs and BMI. Watch the video to see what was covered and then attempt the questions below to test your understanding. Awaiting review[mtouchquiz id=237...

Clinical waste

😀 EASY These questions were produced for Warwick Clinical Skills Society in October 2021 and cover some of the guidelines about the disposal of clinical and non-clinical waste. These are based on local guidelines and policies so will not necessarily be relevant to...

Introducing the Clinical History

😀 EASY Thanks for coming to the lectures - or for viewing them online. These were two in-person lectures for the Warwick Medical School "Clinical Skills Society" delivered in October of 2021. Due to social distancing, we gave two presentations simultaneously to...

Approach to the Patient with Paediatric Respiratory Complaints

😀 EASY Have a crack at three paediatric patients with respiratory concerns.  Good luck! Reviewed by: awaiting review

Clinical Questions

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Geriatric medicine


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