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The transition from preclinical, to clinical medicine, can feel scary.  You go from structure, and definitive answers, to the murky world of complex patient presentations.  Below, MedGuide has compiled a set of presentations for you to try out … see if you can figure your way through these cases.  Enjoy! 

Approach to the Patient with Paediatric Respiratory Complaints

😀 EASY Have a crack at three paediatric patients with respiratory concerns.  Good luck! Reviewed by: awaiting review

Approach to the Patient with a Childhood Limp

🤔 MEDIUM Often limping is because you slept on it funny.  But really, there are some important paediatric orthopaedic causes of limp that you will come across over-and-over in med school.  Have a crack at these three patient conditions right now ... good luck!Reviewed...

Approach to the Patient with Change in Bowel Habit – Part Three

🤔 MEDIUM I've had enough.  This is the final time I write some questions about kids with toilet issues.  Here is part three of three ... good luck! Reviewed by: awaiting review

Approach to the Paediatric Patient with Change in Bowel Habit – Part Two

🤔 MEDIUM A classic problem we've all had.  You've bought something tasty, you enjoy eating it ... but a few short hours later you don't feel right.  Have fun with this quiz of a classic vignette of infective gastroenteritis.  Bring your BNF and good luck! Reviewed by:...

Approach to the Paediatric Patient with Changed Bowel Habit

😀 EASY In this first of a few question sets, we are going to examine the paediatric patient with a changed bowel habit.  This is a classic presentation that you should get your head around - and features prominently in the UKMLA "Child Health" Section.Reviewed by:...

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