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Approach to the child with a fever

🤔 MEDIUM The dreaded child with a fever, could it be a virus, could it be something more serious? Test yourself on this set of questions!Reviewed by: awaiting review

Wrist and hand

🤔 MEDIUM This quiz includes questions on the anatomy of the hand and wrist. Good luck! Reviewed by: awaiting review

upper limb crash course mcq – part one (shoulder)

😀 EASY MSK presentations are so common in primary, and secondary, practice.  In fact, most medical schools mandate 5-20 weeks of ortho placement.  As such, knowledge of the bones, muscles and joints of the body are integral.  Have a go at this MCQ quiz! Reviewed by:...

Approach to the Patient with Thyroid Disorder – Part One

🤔 MEDIUM Writing a question set on the thyroid gland gives me the perfect opportunity to tell one of my favourite medical-dad jokes: Chap goes to the doctor and says “it hurts when I touch my neck, my arm or my chest”. The doctor says, “you’ve broken your finger”....

An Introduction to the Autonomic Nervous System with Warwick Surgical Society (WSS)

😀 EASY MedGuide presents, in collaboration with Warwick Surgical Society, a short introductory MCQ on the autonomic nervous system for preclinical medical students.  Best of luck!Reviewed by Nick Lowe and Jonathan Loomes-Vrdoljak on 19th October 2019 Describe the...

Pathophysiology of Heart Failure MCQ

When the heart can no long pump sufficiently to meet the body's requirements, the patient has entered formal "heart failure".  This quiz runs through the fundamentals of heart failure pathophysiology.  Good luck!Reviewed by: awaiting review [mtouchquiz id=39...


🥵 HARD The chart shown is a simplified volume-flow chart that you could get from the results of spirometry. The black curve is the normal result you would expect, the red and green curves show abnormal pathologies. Do you understand what the results might...

Bone Abnormalities

🤔 MEDIUM This is a quiz about bone abnormalities. Enjoy!Reviewed by: awaiting review


🤔 MEDIUM Seven questions to test your knowledge of some of the fundamental stages involved in the development of sperm and eggs.  Reviewed by: awaiting review

Musculoskeletal anatomy – Part 2

🤔 MEDIUM The musculoskeletal system is a fascinating topic. The quiz is about the bones, muscles and their associated arterial and nervous supply. Good luck! Reviewed by: awaiting review