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Introduction to Microbes & Flora

😀 EASY This quiz tests basic microbiological concepts you'll need for pre-clinical medicine, as well as touching on aspects of gut flora. Good luck!Reviewed by: Jonathan Loomes-Vrdoljak, 28 February 2020

Pathophysiology of Diabetes MCQ

😀 EASY These questions cover some of the fundamental pathophysiology of diabetes and glucose regulation, and finish off with some simple clinical application.Reviewed by Jonathan Loomes-Vrdoljak


  Awaiting review Describe the different types, and pathophysiology, of stroke Describe the characteristics feature of the different types of stroke Describe current diagnostic and management approaches for stroke   Below, find a module connecting you to...

Musculoskeletal anatomy – Part 2

🤔 MEDIUM The musculoskeletal system is a fascinating topic. The quiz is about the bones, muscles and their associated arterial and nervous supply. Good luck! Reviewed by: awaiting review

Gastrointestinal Clinical Correlates Part II

Without a keen understanding of pertinent anatomy and physiology, students will struggle to apply pathology and pharmacology throughout their training and practice.   MedGuide are happy to introduce this series of MCQ sets comprising core clinically-relevant...

Regulation of urine volume and fluid balance

This lecture relates to the learning outcomes covered in the lecture on regulation of urine volume and fluid balance. Good luck! Reviewed by Daniel Mercer

Introduction to the kidney

This MCQ tests understanding of basic priciples relating to kidney anatomy (microanatomical structure) and function (ex. main functions of the kidney). Peer reviewed by Jonathan Loomes-Vrdoljak on 5 August 2019[mtouchquiz id=11 alerts=off singlepage=on startscreen=off...

Approach to the Patient with Hypertension

🤔 MEDIUM Hypertension is one of the most prevalent conditions to find walking down the street and in a GP clinic.  Here are some questions to test your knowledge modelled on the NICE 2020 Guidelines for Hypertension.  Second Author: Katrina Bogus Reviewed...

Clinical Neuroanatomy: Part Four

🤔 MEDIUM Neuroanatomy can be tough.  But with time, and effort, it is a very logical and rewarding system that can make you seem like a pro. “Where’s the lesion?” isn’t the only thing you’ll be tested on in this series however.  Best of luck!  Reviewed by: awaiting...

Approach to the Patient with Upper Limb Disorder – Part II

🤔 MEDIUM Welcome to another MedGuide quiz.  This is part two of the Upper Limb Disorder series of presentations, focusing on the shoulder and brachial plexus clinical anatomy and imaging.  Good luck!  Reviewed by: awaiting review [mtouchquiz id=127...