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Approach to the Patient with a Cervical Smear Appointment

😀 EASY Data suggests that cervical cancer screening saves 1000 lives per year.   It is, therefore, vital to advocate for and to give your patients the best information to make informed choices about their health.  Straight from the hands of NICE CKS on Cervical...

Approach to the normal puerperium period and breast feeding

🤔 MEDIUM The puerperium period can be both an enjoyable and difficult time for new parents, with a body changing once again to adapt to no longer having to grow another human! Have a go at these questions- good luck! Reviewed by: awaiting review[mtouchquiz id=172...

Approach to the patient with Hearing Loss

🤔 MEDIUM Hearing loss can be very isolating and so it's important to have an understanding of the different causes and tests available to diagnose the types of hearing lossReviewed by: awaiting review

Approach to the patient with fatigue

🤔 MEDIUM Fatigue, bad night of sleep or something more serious? An incredibly common presentation to all healthcare settings, have a go at these questions and learn about some causes of fatigue!Reviewed by: awaiting review[mtouchquiz id=170 alerts=off singlepage=on...

Approach to the child with a fever

🤔 MEDIUM The dreaded child with a fever, could it be a virus, could it be something more serious? Test yourself on this set of questions!Reviewed by: awaiting review