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Approach to the Patient with Heart Murmur

🤔 MEDIUM  Test your knowledge of murmurs - but don't worry, the video should help!  Awaiting review Discuss the basic science relevant to valvular heart disease  Outine the common aetiology of systolic and diastolic murmur Discuss the most common left and, and right,...

Neuroendocrinology II

🤔 MEDIUM Test your understanding of neuroendocrinology with eight more fact-based and applied questions about the hypothalamic-pituitary axes. Reviewed by: awaiting review


🤔 MEDIUM Seven questions to test your knowledge of some of the fundamental stages involved in the development of sperm and eggs.  Reviewed by: awaiting review

Wrist and hand

🤔 MEDIUM This quiz includes questions on the anatomy of the hand and wrist. Good luck! Reviewed by: awaiting review

Elbow and Forearm

🤔 MEDIUM This quiz contains questions about the elbow and forearm anatomy. Good luck! Reviewed by: awaiting review

Bone Abnormalities

🤔 MEDIUM This is a quiz about bone abnormalities. Enjoy!Reviewed by: awaiting review