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Approach to the Patient with Child Fever – Part Two

🤔 MEDIUM This is a single MedGuide quiz about one differential. Prominently featured on the UKMLA, and in many an OSCE station, an acutely sick child fever presentation is bread-and-butter. Good luck! Reviewed by: awaiting review [mtouchquiz id=228 alerts=off...

Approach to the Patient with Breast Lumps

🤔 MEDIUM Here you will find some questions on breast lumps. Be sure to read the stem carefully as it contains important information. Good luck!  Reviewed by: awaiting review


🤔 MEDIUM Haemoptysis can be an extremely scary symptom to patients, however is not that uncommon. Test yourself on this set of questions to review 2 cases of a patient presenting with haemoptysis - good luck!Reviewed by: awaiting review[mtouchquiz id=164 alerts=off...


🤔 MEDIUM Seven questions to test your knowledge of some of the fundamental stages involved in the development of sperm and eggs.  Reviewed by: awaiting review

SurgSoc and Medguide Present “Skull and Brain Anatomy”

😀 EASY  The University of Warwick's Surgical Society and MedGuide are teaming up once again for a lecture on the Skull and Brain.  Have fun and don't worry if the questions aren't too intuitive, the video has all the answers!  Awaiting review Discuss the osteology of...

Approach to the Patient with Change in Bowel Habit – Part Three

🤔 MEDIUM I've had enough.  This is the final time I write some questions about kids with toilet issues.  Here is part three of three ... good luck! Reviewed by: awaiting review

Subcortex: Part Three of Four

🥵 HARD   Awaiting review• Reticular formation: anatomy and physiology • Limbic system: anatomy and physiology • Discreet, yet postulated, functionality of the limbic system constituents • Hippocampal formation: anatomy and physiology • Afferent and efferent...

Metabolism I MCQ

🤔 MEDIUM Eighteen questions test to your asic understanding of lipid and carbohydrate structure and function.Reviewed by Jonathan Loomes-Vrdoljak on 25 July 2019

Cervical smear

😀 EASY The cervical smear test has successfully reduced the number of deaths from cervical cancer but how well do you understand the basics of the screening programme, management and HPV vaccination in England? Reviewed by: awaiting review [mtouchquiz id=163...

Hypersensitivity MCQs

🤔 MEDIUM Can you distinguish between the different types of hypersensitivity reaction and their basic pathophysiologies?Reviewed by Daniel Mercer