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Neurovasculature I of II

  Awaiting review • Anterior circulation• Posterior circulation• External cerebral veins• Internal cerebral veins• Dural venous sinuses

Sexually Transmitted Infections MCQ

🤔 MEDIUM Eight questions to test your understanding of the diagnosis, investigations and medical management of sexually transmitted infections, genital discharge and genital ulcers. For questions specifically about HIV see here and here.Reviewed by: awaiting review...

Approach to the patient with hypercoagulability syndromes

🥵 HARD Blood clots are a huge burden on healthcare systems across the world, make sure you are up to date by testing yourself on this set of questions!Reviewed by: awaiting review

Dementia and Cognitive Assessment

😀 EASY NeuroSoc and MedGuide hosted a fantastic, all-day neurophysiology session for phase I Warwick Medical Students (February 2021).  In this day, we gave eight lectures covering many of the Brain and Behaviour Preclinical contents.  Check out one of those...

Pelvis and Perineum Anatomy – Part Two

🤔 MEDIUM I've got a treat for you today. Five pelvic and perineal anatomy questions for the basic science student!  Have fun and remember, well I have nothing witty to say actually haha. Did you know that the pelvis used to be called the innominate bone, literally...

Approach to the Patient with Abnormal Blood Sugar – Part One

🤔 MEDIUM I think every medical student appreciates the importance of understanding the principles of diabetes mellitus in the 21st century healthcare environment.  Have a crack at these three patients ... good luck!  Reviewed by: awaiting review [mtouchquiz id=182...

Approach to the Patient with Child Fever – Part Three

🤔 MEDIUM So here we go with the third child fever quiz. There are so many causes of this presentation that, truthfully, it would be a bit risky to not know the differential cold for your finals.  Have a go at another set of 11 questions - good luck as ever!Reviewed...

Abdominal Anatomy Part Five MCQ

This is the fifth - and final -  in a series of comprehenisve clinical anatomy and imaging questions for the abdomen.  Good luck! Reviewed by: awaiting review

Musculoskeletal anatomy – Part 2

🤔 MEDIUM The musculoskeletal system is a fascinating topic. The quiz is about the bones, muscles and their associated arterial and nervous supply. Good luck! Reviewed by: awaiting review

Approach to the Patient with Chronic Memory Loss, Confusion and Dementia

🤔 MEDIUM This question is the first in a two-parter, on chronic confusion and memory loss. It contains ONE patient only.  All I can say, by way of a not-too-subtle clue, is: "ITS A TRAP!"Reviewed by: awaiting review[mtouchquiz id=168 alerts=off singlepage=on...