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Subcortex: Part Four of Four

  Awaiting review Afferent and efferents of the reticular formation Disorders of the reticular formation and LOC  Include projected neurotransmitters and GCS calculation Nuclei of the amygdaloid complex and discreet functionality Structure of the hippocampus and...

Approach to the patient with hypercoagulability syndromes

🥵 HARD Blood clots are a huge burden on healthcare systems across the world, make sure you are up to date by testing yourself on this set of questions!Reviewed by: awaiting review

Abnormal blood sugar pharmacology

🤔 MEDIUM This MCQ tests your basic understanding of the pharmaceutical management of diabetes, particularly T2DM, and some of the side effects. Good luck!Reviewed by Jonathan Loomes-Vrdoljak[mtouchquiz id=221 alerts=off multiplechances=off singlepage=on...

Consciousness and GCS

🤔 MEDIUM Test your knowledge on some disorders of consciousness and what the Glasgow Coma Score is!Reviewed by Jonathan Loomes-Vrdoljak, 23 February 2020

Gastrointestinal Physiology Review MCQ – Part 1

Review, and challenge, are an important part of learning. This quiz is part of a set that will span the abdominal physiology and anatomy to challenge your synoptic linking ability. Good luck! Reviewed by: awaiting review [mtouchquiz id=40 alerts=off singlepage=off...

PreMed: Part One

Welcome to MedGuide's premedical series of content.  Here you will find a collection of videos and MCQs. Make your own notes, at your own pace, with the videos and then have a crack at the questions - don't worry, all questions are answerable from the video content....

Approach to the Patient with Altered Bowel Habit – Part One

😀 EASY Here is a nice, simple quiz on constipation.  There will be a second part on diarrhoea appearing later.  So for now, get your gloves on, grab yourself a Bristol Stool Chart and lets head to the murky world of altered bowel habits ...  Reviewed by: awaiting...

Proximal neurovasculature: Knee and leg

😀 EASY This quiz includes questions on the proximal neurovasculature of the knee and leg. Good luck!Reviewed by: awaiting review

Depression MCQ

🤔 MEDIUM Churchill is famously rumoured to have described his depression as a 'black dog'. It is a very common condition and has a prevalence in the UK of around 4.5 percent. You will almost certainly come across cases while on GP and psychiatric placements. In this...

Approach to Acute Joint Pain

🤔 MEDIUM Joints ache all the time.  But what happens when they're acutely painful????  Gosh ... Reviewed by: awaiting review