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Pathophysiology of Heart Failure MCQ

When the heart can no long pump sufficiently to meet the body's requirements, the patient has entered formal "heart failure".  This quiz runs through the fundamentals of heart failure pathophysiology.  Good luck!Reviewed by: awaiting review [mtouchquiz id=39...

Approach to the patient with Hearing Loss

🤔 MEDIUM Hearing loss can be very isolating and so it's important to have an understanding of the different causes and tests available to diagnose the types of hearing lossReviewed by: awaiting review

Thorax Anatomy – Part One

🥵 HARD Below is a stretch-and-challenge MCQ of clinically applied thoracic anatomy addressing learning outcomes of both the Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland's "Anatomical Society core regional anatomy syllabus for undergraduate medicine" and...

Doctor-patient relationships SAQ

Sam visits their GP complaining about a recurring stabbing pain in their gut and frequent bouts of diarrhoea. The doctor asks a series of short questions about the nature of the pain and other symptoms, organises some blood tests, and on the second consultation tells...

Approach to Acute Joint Pain

🤔 MEDIUM Joints ache all the time.  But what happens when they're acutely painful????  Gosh ... Reviewed by: awaiting review

Subcortex: Part One of Four

  Awaiting review General arrangement of diencephalon  Location of the third ventricle and relations Location of the hypothalamus  Function of the hypothalamic nuclei  Anatomy of the optic chiasm and pituitary gland relations, location  Division of the pituitary...

Musculoskeletal anatomy – Part 1

🤔 MEDIUM The musculoskeletal system is a fascinating topic. The quiz is about the bones, muscles and their associated arterial and nervous supply. Good luck! Reviewed by: awaiting review

Gluteal region, hip and thigh

🤔 MEDIUM This quiz contains questions about the anatomy and physiology of the gluteal region, hip and thigh. Good luck!Reviewed by: awaiting review

Person Centred Care MCQ

This MCQ relates to the learning outcomes set out in the person centred care lecture. Good luck!Reviewed by: awaiting review

Approach to the patient with positive HIV serology

🤔 MEDIUM HIV and AIDS are conditions surrounded in stigma, these questions will help ensure you are providing evidence based care for patients. Follow these links for more questions on HIV and questions on STIs.Reviewed by: awaiting review[mtouchquiz id=154 alerts=off...